Prepping for the Big Hall — uh, Haul — West

Bomb Goes Off

It looks like a bomb has gone off.

We sit facing a pile of laundry (mostly clean), clumps of assorted camping gear, stacks of books (enough to crack the van’s axle, if we let Emma have her way), and a sleeping Westie who has no idea what’s happening.  And what is happening exactly?  Well, the Hall clan — Chris, Trisha, Emma, and Eliza — are headed west from Durham, kicking themselves out of their post-school-year daze and kickin’ it to the Rockies.

We’ve got quite an itinerary:  Tenting in the Tetons, hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, exploring geysers (not too close, hopefully) in Yellowstone, camping with Uncle Billy and clan, sighting the WeinerMobile (we can dream, can’t we?!).  Lots to see and experience in the next 5 weeks ahead of us (so long as we actually fit in the van!).  No pup, unfortunately, but Auggie will be well-cared for by a colleague’s daughter, who’s staying here (imagining August scrambling after high-mountain marmots and taking off after a grizzly scent makes our decision to leave her seem sound).  We’ll sure miss her, but the road calls…

We’ve just hit Trader Joe’s for provisions, said “adios” to several friends, and off we go…


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